Snuggle Up Next To The Fire With These Winter Brand Color Palettes

There are many different winter brand color palettes that are not only elegant and sophisticated but quirky and bold.
Picture of Jackie Barker - Website Designer Wilmington, NC
Jackie Barker - Website Designer Wilmington, NC

Now that you understand Why Color Theory is Crucial to Branding and which Autumn Color Palettes will Warm Up Your Brand, let’s move on to the next season – Winter.

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After the grueling heat of mid-July summer, we definitely remember looking forward to the cool temperatures of winter!

And if you didn’t read those other blogs yet, here’s the Cliffs Notes to get you caught up. Seasonal color branding is a process by which we take colors associated with a particular season and create color schemes with them.

Not sure which seasonal color scheme you associate with?  Take our quiz and find out! Go ahead – we’ll wait right here.

Welcome back – let’s do this!

Winter Color Branding.

This color scheme suits those that are self-assured and confident.  People who opt for winter color branding are driven leaders who are confident and an expert in their field.

Aka they’re a total badass.

The winter color palette is one of sophisticated nature. It is “cool and dark” meaning most of the colors are cool colors, but in deeper tones, like burgundy or grey, icy blues and pale purples.

It doesn’t matter what colors you decide to use, as long as they tend to fall under these categories.

“The color of springtime is flowers; the color of winter is in our imagination.”

– Terri Guillemets

Inspiration for Winter Color Schemes.

You may feel as if your color options are limited with Winter – all icy blues and dark browns, but you would be surprised at the cool variety. Get it, cool? Here are a few examples.


The neutral color scheme plays with the earthy side of the winter color palette. There are lots of neutral colors that keep in tune with the dark aspects of the charcoal greys and dark browns.

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Black & White.

Winter is the only color scheme that uses pure white and pure black. So these types of color schemes are perfect for minimalists. They also work well for businesses with an edgier or more industrial vibe.

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Bold/Dark Colors.

While winter color schemes are characterized by darker colors, that doesn’t mean they need to be boring.  Think of Christmas and all of the beautiful deep reds and greens that make holiday decorating not only fun, but absolutely stunning.

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There are many different color combinations that are not only elegant and sophisticated, but quirky and bold. Still not convinced? Check these out!

Now, winter isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, and you can still be a bad-ass in Spring, Summer, and Autumn too! When you think of the seasonal color palettes, look at them this way: 


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