While it's okay to be frugal and make the most of what you have, it’s also okay to want more! Sometimes being frugal for too long can even prevent you from dreaming about more.

There’s Nothing Wrong with Wanting More!

Theres Nothing Wrong with Wanting More | Barefoot Design Collective

While it’s okay to be frugal and make the most of what you have, it’s also okay to want more! Sometimes being frugal for too long can even prevent you from dreaming about more.

  • More opportunity
  • More experiences
  • More pleasure
  • More whatever-you-want-more-of!

We are meant to evolve.

We are meant to expand, grow, and change over time. As we experience life, our preferences change. This, naturally, causes our hearts to want more. And that is completely normal. Having a frugal mindset can quash our natural tendencies to want more. It can also convince us that our desires are

  • Selfish
  • Silly
  • Greedy
  • Frivolous

When we attach negative feelings to healthy desires, those desires feel bad and stop the creative cycle of expansion. We need to change our mindset that wanting more is wrong.

We need to get to a new perspective where wanting more is exhilarating!

If you didn’t hear me before. Hear me now. “It’s okay to want more!”

Wanting more is a sign that you are growing and that you desire to change. Wanting new things whether travel, personal items, education, or anything else isn’t selfish. It’s normal.

Turning off these desires leads to guilty condemnation when it should be motivating.

It’s okay to change patterns.

Desiring more from life may be as simple as purchasing brand-name items instead of generic ones. But it could also mean wanting to go on vacation two times a year when your family has never vacationed in the past.

Wanting more than what you had growing up is good. It’s okay to change patterns to become the person you want to be.

Even if your early programming taught you that being frugal was responsible. Or that wanting more was prideful and foolish.

You can break that programming and reap the benefits of wanting more for yourself and your family.

It’s okay to make changes.

You may feel uncomfortable with making big changes when it comes to spending. That’s okay. Try something small. Indulge a little. Take your time. Shedding that frugal mindset won’t happen overnight. It will come with taking small steps and trying things out. You’ll uncover areas where you feel more comfortable spending. You’ll also uncover other areas where being frugal suits you just fine.

Being frugal isn’t a bad thing but it’s perfectly okay to want more. Don’t let a lack mindset prevent you from naturally expanding your experiences and try new and exciting things.

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