The Ultimate Guide To Picking a Great Business Name

As the business owner and creator of your brand, you will need to live with your business name for a long time. Make sure you are happy with it, that it reflects who you are and what you do.
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Jackie Barker - Website Designer Wilmington, NC

Have you picked your business name yet?

Well, I wouldn’t get too attached to it just yet.

Choosing your business name is not a decision to be taken lightly. You probably picked something that you like. A name that has meaning, it fits what you do and other people have given the thumbs up to it. But, that doesn’t mean it will tick all the boxes that make it a good business name.

Here are some things to think about in choosing your business name.

Search Engine Optimization

According to, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the “practice of increasing the quantity and quality of traffic to your website through organic search engine results.” The goal is to get your website to the very top of the search results – at least to the first page. SEO is one of the main techniques that companies use to promote their websites.
While Apple was a great choice for a brand name back in the day, it definitely wouldn’t check the boxes today. Because it would be too hard to rank for – there are too many websites about apples!

Alphabetical Ordering

What is good about Apple as a brand, though, is that it is an ‘A’ word. This means that in any alphabetical list it will be right near the top. After those starting with numerals though. This shouldn’t bear too much weight when choosing your business name, but it is a important to keep in mind. It can help increase your chances of being seen.

Is Your Business Name Easy to Spell?

You want your customers and people you do business with to be able to find your business, right? Then pick a business name and domain name that’s easy to spell and doesn’t include special characters, such as hyphens. I mean, do you want to have to spell out your business name and domain name every time you tell someone how to find you? You also want to avoid having to repeatedly fix the misspellings of your business name. Easy is good.

Domain Name

The name of your business is also very likely to be your domain name. That means you’ll want to do a search for that domain name to make sure that the domain is available. At the same time, you also need to consider how well the name would work as a domain. Is it memorable? Is it easy to say when followed by a ‘.com’?

Do you have a domain name in mind? Give it a spin in the widget below and find out!


Of course your business name should be unique. Do the work now to make sure that no one else is using it and search the database of trademarks to ensure you aren’t going to face legal ramifications for using it!
Unique is good. You also want to make sure the name checks these other boxes too. Imagine how much work (and money) had to go into building the brand around “Amazon”, “Google”, and “Yahoo”. I mean, what was a Google back then? Amazon? That’s a rainforest in South America, and Yahoo is something I say when we get to go to the beach!

“A hero is born among a hundred, a wise man is found among a thousand, but an accomplished one might not be found even among a hundred thousand men.”


Make Sure You, as the Business Owner, are Satisfied with the Name.

As the business owner and creator of your brand, you will need to live with your business name for a long time. Make sure you are happy with it, that it reflects who you are and what you do. Take the time to get it right from the start – changing it is not easy, or inexpensive.

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