Stay Cool With These Summer Branding Color Palettes

Like with the other seasons there are a few ways to use the summer colors within your brand. We have given three examples of some categories that you can use.
Picture of Jackie Barker - Website Designer Wilmington, NC
Jackie Barker - Website Designer Wilmington, NC

With the weather outside right now, it feels pretty appropriate to discuss the summer color palette!

It is a lot like spring with lots of vibrant colors but with a softer vibe to it. It is very light and delicate and is the perfect seasonal color brand to use to uplift your brand!

Now, what even is seasonal color branding? It is a process by which you choose the season that you resonate with the most and then choose a color palette within that season to broadcast across your brand!

Not sure what season you and your brand associate with? Not to fear, our seasonal brand quiz is here! Click this link to take our seasonal brand quiz to find out which season represents you the best!

Summer Color Brand.

The types of people that use a summer color scheme radiate elegance, romanticism and are also approachable and trustworthy. They are much more gentle and organized than those who have a spring color scheme.
These types of people can be seen as slightly introverted as they are a bit more reserved but they embody grace and their style is very chic.

Summer best suits people who tend to work in fields such as wedding planners, photographers or fashion designers.

Basically, if you work in this field you are beauty, you are grace and you have it going on girl! (There aren’t a lot of words that rhyme with grace that fit in this sentence).

The Color Palette.

The summer color brand is “cool and light“. So there are lots of cool colors such as icy blues, light greys and pale purples complimented by pastels like rosy pinks and light green.

These colors are subtle and muted with no extravagant colors. The point is to “keep it cool man” and to accentuate grace and elegance through the chosen colors.

“ A life without love is like a year without summer. – Swedish Proverb

Summer Color Brand Inspiration.

Like with the other seasons there are a few ways to use the summer colors within your brand. We have given three examples of some categories that you can use.

“Classic” Summer.

This color scheme uses more mid-range colors that are on the cooler end of the spectrum. Lots of light blues, rosy picks and light grey. It gives a cool, smokey look to your brand while keeping the elegance of summer.

Classic summer color palette example ice cream man holding an ice cream cone

Light/Pastel Summer.

This is the most common summer color palette. The use of lots of pastel colors that equally complement one another. They are warmer than the cool “classic” summer but not as bright as the color palettes in spring.

Pastel summer color palette with sun and ocean waves in shades of blue, pink, and yellow

Soft/Brown Summer.

This color palette uses nudes, creams and cool browns mixed with some pastels. Most of the colors are muted for a very sophisticated look. This color palette could be confused with fall because of the slightly warmer browns but since they are cooler-toned it is in fact a summer color scheme!

Summer color palette shades of brown example with seashells and flip flops on a gradient of light brown to medium brown

Those are the most common examples of summer color schemes. Although, there are quite a few other ways to go. The key to summer is to just play around with it and have fun!

However, if summer isn’t your style you can go check out our other articles about winter, spring or autumn!


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