5 Spring Color Palette Ideas To Energize Your Brand

There is no shortage of color combinations that correlate with Spring. These colors exude a feeling of fun and energetic personas.
Jackie Barker

Jackie Barker

Spring is by far the most vibrant season to work within the sense of color branding. It is all about the colors, the bright, and the light. All that blooms and pops as we emerge from the dark, cold, winter months.

If the term “seasonal color branding” is unfamiliar, allow us to elaborate. Seasonal color branding is the process of choosing a color scheme for your brand based on the colors associated with a particular season.

In this case, there are a plethora of intense and vivid colors associated with the new growth this season brings.

Not sure what seasonal color scheme you associate with?  Take our Seasonal Brand Color quiz here to find out! No rush – we will just hang out right here and wait.

Spring Color Palette - JB

Ok, ready to move on? Spring Color Branding.

The spring color scheme is perfect for those who are energetic, positive, creative, fun, and exceptional communicators.

These people usually build relationships easily with others and value the intimacy of their relationships.

These types of businesses are supportive, helpful and open. They try to have personal relationships with their customers, so their customers get to know them and have complete trust in their products or services.

Spring color branding typically resonates the best with a marketer, PR specialist, teacher, etc. Makes sense, right? These are the types of businesses where the one-on-one time with each client is what the relationship is built on or where it begins.

(Psst… Barefoot Design Collective is a Spring. Are you surprised?)

The color palette associated with Spring is “warm and bright.” There is a large spectrum within this but the important thing is that these are colors that are brilliant and dazzling and easily catch one’s eye.

There are lots of oranges, yellows, purples, blues, greens, etc. There are plenty of fun options within this season!

“ Spring is nature’s way of saying, let’s party! – Robin Williams

Spring Color Palette Inspiration.

Here are some examples of three categories within the Spring seasonal color palette.


Within the natural range, the colors are still vibrant. However, they aren’t quite as bright and don’t contain as much contrast as some of the others.

These colors tend to be very inviting and alluring to the viewer, reminiscent of being on a garden stroll and looking forward to the fresh blooms and new growth around every corner.

Spring Color Palette JB 1 | Barefoot Design CollectiveSpring Color Palette JB 3 1 | Barefoot Design Collective

Are you daydreaming about being in that garden? Come on back to us…


This scheme uses contrasting colors to draw attention. These colors are equally as eye-catching as some of the color palettes from the Winter color branding blog.

Spring Color Palette JB 4 | Barefoot Design Collective


The most popular color scheme for Spring is one with a ton of bright, complementary colors like these. They are yummy, aren’t they? 

Spring Color Palette JB 5 | Barefoot Design Collective

There is no shortage of color combinations that correlate with Spring. These colors exude a feeling of fun and energetic personas. What do you think? I’d love to know how you feel about the Spring Color Palette. Comment below and let us know!

However, if all that energy is making you nervous, Spring may not be your style, so check out our other blogs on Winter, Summer (coming soon), and Autumn!


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