5 Spring Color Palette Ideas To Energize Your Brand

There is no shortage of color combinations that correlate with Spring. These colors exude a feeling of fun and energetic personas.
Picture of Jackie Barker - Website Designer Wilmington, NC
Jackie Barker - Website Designer Wilmington, NC

Yo, yo, yo! Spring is the bomb diggity season for color branding, my friends! It’s all about those bright, poppin’ colors that bloom and bring us out of the dreary winter darkness.

In case you’re not hip to the jive of seasonal color branding, lemme break it down for ya. It’s all about picking a color scheme for your brand that matches the vibes of a specific season.

And let me tell you, spring brings a ton of intense and vivid colors with it that you can rock for your branding game.

Don’t know what seasonal color scheme you’re all about? No biggie, take our totally rad Seasonal Brand Color quiz right here and we’ll get you sorted in no time. No rush, we’ll just be chillin’ here until you’re ready to rock ‘n roll.

Boiling spring lakes spring fling event facebook cover from 2019

Spring Into Action: The Perfect Color Scheme for Energetic, Positive, and Creative Businesses

Using Spring brand colors can have a significant impact on how a brand is perceived. Warm, bright colors are associated with energy, positivity, and creativity, which can create a sense of excitement and playfulness around your brand.

How do they impact your audience’s perception of your brand?

This type of branding can be especially effective for businesses that value building intimate relationships with their clients, as Spring brands are known for their open, supportive, and helpful nature.

By incorporating Spring colors into your branding, you can create an inviting and welcoming environment that draws your audience in and helps build trust and loyalty. It’s amazing how much impact the right colors can have, isn’t it?

Choosing the Right Spring Color Palette for Your Brand

So what colors are we talking about here? Think brilliant and dazzling colors, such as rich pinks and corals, aqua, sunny yellows, and bright, happy greens. These are colors that are sure to make you smile and bring some life to your party.

“ Spring is nature’s way of saying, let’s party! – Robin Williams

Spring Color Palette Inspiration.

Here are some examples of three categories within the Spring seasonal color palette.


Within the natural range, the colors are still vibrant. However, they aren’t quite as bright and don’t contain as much contrast as some of the others.

Hello spring graphic created with various shades of green, brown, and a cream color

This example shows a natural-looking color palette that is associated with the Spring season. The colors are warm, bright, and somewhat muted, giving off a natural and organic vibe.

These colors would work well for a brand that wants to convey a sense of earthiness, sustainability, or eco-friendliness. 


This scheme uses contrasting colors to draw attention. These colors are equally as eye-catching as some of the color palettes from the Winter color branding blog.

Hello spring graphic with 5 different colors - two shades of violet, 2 shades of green, and a cream colorSpring colors contrast | barefoot design collective



The most popular color scheme for Spring is one with a ton of bright, complementary colors like these. The image below is fun, isn’t it?

Spring time let the fun begin with a large teal and green daisy in the center of an orange background. Features four colors teal, lime green, and 2 shades of orange.

This image is just too perfect for words! It’s a prime example of how to use color to create a Spring brand that’ll have your audience head over heels in love with you.

You see, the color palette is filled with all sorts of delicious warm, bright hues that are simply irresistible. Just look at that stunning teal and green daisy – it’s like a burst of energy and joy all rolled into one!

But the real key here is contrast. Yes, contrast is what takes a good brand palette and makes it great. By thoughtfully choosing colors that complement and contrast each other, you can create visual interest and balance that draws your audience in and keeps them engaged.

So, my dear, if you’re looking to create a Spring brand that truly shines, be sure to use warm, bright colors and contrast them in just the right way. Your audience will thank you for it!

But it’s not just about the colors, my friends. Your font choices are just as important in reflecting the Spring personality of your brand.

Font Choices for the Spring Brand Personality

Oh, my darlings, (sorry I get a little giddy when we talk about this stuff…) let’s talk about font stylings for Spring brands! We want to keep things light, playful, and fun just like the season.

First things first, let’s ditch the boring stuff, shall we? Bold, high-impact fonts won’t do justice to the vibe of your brand. Instead, we want to look for flirty scripts and handwritten fonts that are as sweet as sugar and just as easy on the eyes.

Take a look at the Google Fonts”Pacifico”, “Great Vibes”, or “Lobster” for some examples.

The vibrant colors example above with the orange, teal and green has the most awesome font pairing for Spring – Tangerine Mangos and   Simplifica. It’s a super fun pairing, don’tcha think? 

These fonts are all perfect for a Spring brand that wants to exude a playful, youthful vibe.

If you’re looking for something cleaner and more straightforward, then you can’t go wrong with a sans-serif font. These fonts are easy to read, and they keep things simple and chill.

Try “Montserrat”, “Open Sans”, or “Roboto” for some examples of sans-serif fonts that’ll work great for your Spring brand.

Remember, your font choice is a reflection of your brand personality. So, choose wisely and have some fun with it!

It’s not just what you say, it’s how you say it

And don’t forget your brand’s tone of voice! Spring brands are all about being fun, energetic, and spontaneous – so skip the formalities and let your charm and warmth shine through.

Now, imagine yourself as a frosty, salt-rimmed margarita glass. Your brand’s tone of voice is the perfect blend of tangy and sweet, with just the right amount of kick to keep things interesting.

Like a margarita, a Spring brand is all about being fun, energetic, and spontaneous. So let go of the formalities and let your charm and warmth shine through. Your audience will be drawn to your lively and approachable brand, and will be thirsty for more!

However, if all that energy is making you nervous, Spring may not be your style, so check out our other blogs on Winter and Summer and of course, Autumn!


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