Southport NC salon branding and web design case study

We created a logo for Grace that perfectly represents herself and her business and weaved it into the design of her website. We developed to be easily accessible for both PC and mobile users. We currently provide email marketing as well, ensuring Grace can focus on her clients and services.

Grace's Beauty Barn

Grace Wong-Heck is a Southport, NC native. Her dream of opening her own salon came true in 2020, after COVID-19 hit and she needed to pivot in her career as a stylist. She combined her hobby of gardening with her years of stylist experience to create Grace’s Beauty Barn – a relaxing space in her backyard where she styles hair and provides pampering focused on skin and beauty.

A well-organized site that reflects Grace's personal touch and creativity!

Grace’s Beauty Barn is located on the premises of her home, so Grace wanted her website to serve as a stand-in for a storefront. She needed to be able to showcase all the benefits of her business and connect with clients. This is where Barefoot Design Collective came in.  

We helped create a calming, supportive, and aesthetic space for clients to discover Grace and her services as well as quickly book an appointment.

Grace’s Beauty Barn is a tranquil space for clients to relax and receive the pampering they deserve. Our goal at Barefoot was to create harmony between Grace’s online presence and the calming aesthetic of her physical space. 

We created her website to be an extension of Grace’s Beauty Barn where she can showcase images of her work, publish a menu of her services and pricing, and allow clients a streamlined online booking process. 

“Beauty is my business. Let me pamper you.” – Grace Wong-Heck

How we brought Grace's brand to life

We created a logo for Grace that perfectly represents herself and her business and weaved it into her website design.

We developed to be easily accessible for both PC and mobile users.

Due to reasons outside of Grace’s control, we had to take down her website. We continue to provide ongoing support for her through email marketing, ensuring Grace can still focus on her clients and services. 

Grace branding mockup 2 | barefoot design collective
Screenshot of graces beauty barn email newsletter

However, Grace can say it better than we can!

Beauty barn | barefoot design collective

Coming into this, I was completely confident that Jackie could deliver. I had no idea how to manage a website and having Jackie's insight was beyond helpful!

My website has been beneficial for my business in so many ways! All my clients have loved the updates on my site which made it easier to use. The biggest impact on my business was enabling my clients to book their appointments quickly through my website.

One of the biggest A-HA moments concerned my pricing. I used to be very flexible with the pricing of my services. But when creating my website, I made a price list along with my service list. This helped me to create fixed pricing so that there was no more guessing and fluctuating on prices which makes scheduling 10x easier!

After working with Jackie I feel so much better. It was a leap of faith to go out on my own and it helped me to see my vision for my business better! Jackie is such a joy to work with. All of her ideas are so fresh and new and she's not afraid to give her input while still giving you free reign on your creative ideas for your business.

I would 10/10 recommend Jackie if you're trying to build your social presence and/or trying to update the look of your website!

Our web design and graphic design clients love us. Here's proof!

As you can see, we have an excellent reputation and we are so thankful for our many amazing client relationships.

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