How to Find the Right Keywords for Your Target Market

In order to use the right keywords and phrases, you have to understand what your target audience is searching for.
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Jackie Barker - Website Designer Wilmington, NC

What’s Your Target Market Searching For?

The key to using the right keywords and keyword phrases is to understand what your target audience is searching for. When you know this, you can plan your content around what they’re searching for and what you are promoting.

Define Your Target Market

It all starts with knowing your audience. If you already have an audience, you can check your analytics to find out who they are. But, if you’re just getting started, you may need to check out your competition to find out who their audience is so you can start creating content relevant to them.

What Questions Do They Have?

Question mark, think, question-2318030. JpgWhen you find your audience, make note of the questions they are asking. The question itself is a keyword phrase or long-tail keyword that can be expanded or broken down to help find even more keywords and more information for your audience. Each question can become the inspiration for content whether it’s a blog post or product. Plus you can use that question as the foundation for more keyword research.

What Are Their Problems?

Knowing your audience means knowing what their problems are. When you are aware of their problems, you can develop a list of keywords and keyword phrases based on those problems and find solutions to those problems.

Use Predictive Search

Once you have a list of keywords and keyword phrases you can plug them into Google Search. As you’re researching, notice the predictive text that starts appearing. Jot those phrases and keywords down and repeat the process.

Research Keywords

As you gather more search terms, perform more keyword research. Using Google AdWords Keyword Tool, you can gain information about the keywords and keyword phrases and which keywords are worth it to use to attract your audience.

Join Groups Your Audience Loves

Another way to find keywords to use in your content and products is to join groups that your audience participates in.

When you join groups that your audience participates in, you can get to know your audience better. Pay close attention to the questions they ask because they will help you determine your keywords and which are important to use.

Keep Your Emails Open for Responses

Another way to find out information about your audience is to keep your inbox open for responses like you keep your blog posts open for comments. This information will be important for you moving forward so that you know what your target market is searching for.

By focusing on what your audience is searching for and what they need, you’ll learn to create content that the search engines find and send your audience to. The job of search engines is to send their users to relevant content.

The relevancy of the content is completely dependent on what your audience wants and needs. When you put your focus there, you’ll find it so much easier to create keyword-rich SEO content that gets results.


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