What You Should Know About Using Instagram Stories

Modern business owners use social media to the max, aren't afraid to show personality and if they're a little quirky, all the better.
Picture of Jackie Barker - Website Designer Wilmington, NC
Jackie Barker - Website Designer Wilmington, NC

The business world of today, is nothing like the business world of the 90s. So much has changed since then. I graduated with my first degree in marketing in 1999… trust me when I tell you it is so different! 

Businesses ‘back in the olden days’ aka my era, were, for the most part, pretty boring. There was really no personality so to speak in the brands. It was all about looking ‘professional’.

Luckily, we moved into the Digital Age

Modern business owners know where it’s at. They use social media to the max, aren’t afraid to show personality and if they’re a little quirky, all the better. A little glitz and glam to make you stand out is all the rage and those businesses are more likely to thrive.

A picture is worth a thousand words

You’ve heard that saying, right?’ Well, whoever ‘they’ are, they were right! An image can deliver a lot of information at a glance and will most likely have an emotional effect on the viewer, equally as fast.

Think about when you first land on a webpage. There’s usually a large (hero) image. That image should clearly communicate what the company does, who they are, or what the site is about. The viewer should get an immediate feeling if it is worth it to go any further into the site.

Photos make an impact. They elicit an emotional response – which can often lead to a sale. Whether anxiety, frustration, encouragement, or desire… all these feelings can make us click “buy now” even when we don’t need what’s being sold.

Images, especially Facebook or Instagram Stories, are great for letting your audience get to know you. In getting to know you, you also build trust and increase engagement with your brand.

Check out these awesome Instagram Stories templates from Canva.

Faster than the speed of light

Ok, so maybe not that fast. You can post a story to Instagram almost that fast. You can share an image straight from your phone or table and that’s all you need – no witty banter, or visual styling. Just the picture. Just like a Polaroid picture – you point and click. Upload it and start getting views. The way Instagram is setup too, there’s no way to instantly tell if someone posted today or yesterday, or even the day before. The amount you post is up to you. Some say daily, some say a couple times a week is enough. I say, as long as you’re consistent, you’re good.

Instagram Stories is where its at!

Of all of the ways to get your content out there, Instagram is probably the least time-consuming. If what you share is captivating, you’ll build a following pretty quickly (remember, consistency is key). The cool thing is, you can also easily share your content from Instagram to Facebook and Twitter. Many celebrities have chosen to use Instagram over other sites for these reasons.

Do you get the picture?

Have questions on how you can incorporate Instagram Stories into your content strategy or want us to help you with your content marketing? Schedule a Virtual Coffee and we’ll answer all of your questions.


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