Heading Tags: What They Are, How to Use Them for SEO

Heading tags are important for search engine optimization (SEO) because they tell the search engine what your content is about. Learn what heading tags are, how to use them, and when to use them.
Jackie Barker - Website Designer Wilmington, NC
Jackie Barker - Website Designer Wilmington, NC

I’m sure you’ve heard of header tags, but you may not realize their importance in search engine optimization (SEO).

First, what are heading tags? Basically, it’s code used to define a heading to make it stand out. SEO is about the words you use AND it’s about how you use them. How easy your website is to read. And how the search engines view the HTML information you provide that your audience doesn’t see.

What Are Heading Tags?

The number used in the header tag (such as H1, H2, H3, H4) defines the importance of the word using this tag. Using H1 signals the most important terms and words being used. In WordPress, you can choose the header tags with a drop-down menu after highlighting the word that you want to add the header tags to.

Using Them in Your Blog Post

When you use header tags in your blog posts and other content it’s important to understand why you’re using them. Is the word or phrase you’re assigning this tag to important enough for it? If it’s not an important keyword you may be better off using “bold” or other types of tags rather than one of the header tags.

Using the tags signals to the search engines the importance of the keyword or phrase relevant to the rest of the information on the page.

Header Tags Enhance Readability

Besides being great for search engine optimization, header tags also enhance readability. Since the tag defines the words visually it can also help readers get the meaning of the words easier because it’ll stand out just like it would if it was “bold” or “italics”.

alphabet, letters, word-2001952.jpgMakes Your Content Easy to Scan

Most people read online in an F pattern – scanning across then down and across. They usually don’t read every word unless they find the information interesting upon scanning. When you have important information using heading tags it makes it easy to scan and easy to understand too.

Improves SEO

Using a header tag tells the search engine that the word or phrase that is using the tag is important. The search engine will see that the content should also include words like the tagged one and will serve up those results to people who search for that phrase.

Formatting Your Fonts

Take control of your fonts by customizing your theme so that when you create a blog post or webpage you don’t have to format everything again. You can just apply the tags to the content and it formats it accordingly. Learn more about CSS and Text by looking at this information

Using Heading tags is key for search engine optimization as it’s how search engines know something is important. It also helps people read the content easier and understand the content more.


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