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Hey there

I'm Jackie Barker

Hey, there! I’m Jackie, the owner, founder and Chief Barefoot Officer of Barefoot Design Collective!  Thank you for hanging out with me! 

Nothing gives me greater satisfaction than collaborating with my clients to grow their small businesses through branding, marketing and web design.

You might be asking, “Jackie, when did you start using “Life is better barefoot” as your motto?”  Honestly?  For as long as I can remember!

As a child growing up in rural Wisconsin, my favorite thing to do was to kick my shoes off and run through the grass, all while dreaming playful kid dreams.  Still to this day, living in Carolina Beach, North Carolina – I carry that awe and wonder of childhood into my business. 

But also a bit of playfulness, hence “Life is better barefoot.”  Because who can’t imagine themselves running barefoot in the grass, or feeling the sand under their feet?

Our passion, here at the Barefoot Design Collective, is to not only provide a great product, but to support our clients where they are; in whatever stage of business they are in. 

We firmly believe that balance, both personal and business, is the key to a happy lifeWe love to have fun but we also know we have commitments to our clients.  This balance goes both ways.  We at the Collective want our clients to enjoy that same balance; to enjoy the fruits of their labor.

My experience ranges from managing the sales and marketing department at a tech firm working with Fortune 50 companies, to web design in the early 2000’s, to most recently, running a kitchen and bath business with my husband. 

I know firsthand how much time and energy it takes to run small businesses. That is why SUPPORT is one of our core values.  In supporting you with your web design and maintenance needs, whether building a new site, refreshing an existing one, rebranding, or simply maintaining the back end of one, it allows you the balance you crave in your life.

What it’s like working with us

We specialize in creative marketing services, so you don’t have to.  We believe every business owner deserves the ability and time to change the world.  There are only 24 hours in a day.  Spend those hours changing your small corner of the world.  Let us help YOU adopt our motto of “Life is better barefoot.”

We’re a team of diverse and solutions-oriented professionals here at Barefoot Design Collective. We’re real people with a real passion for helping our clients grow their businesses. Our expertise runs deep, and we stand behind the quality of our work.

We value honesty and authenticity in our approach to client service, and we build relationships based on mutual trust and respect. We’re Virtual Experts® who live and breathe what we do. And we aim to make every interaction with you as enjoyable and productive as possible.

There are so many possibilities for your business! We partner with clients and stay current with the latest business trends and technologies so that we can provide proactive solutions that move your business forward. Here at Barefoot, we know your time is important, so we work efficiently and effectively, taking the stress off you.

Your business is unique. Your target market is unique. And you’re unique. Let us help your website design and branding reflect that!

Ready to work together? We can’t wait to hear from you.

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